Development Project

Development and commemoration of Fort La Tour was identified as an immediate priority by the Historic Sites and Monument Board of Canada in 1919. For the past 96 plus years numerous initiatives to spearhead development at Fort La Tour have been deferred for various reasons. The City of Saint John has recently developed exciting plans for revitalizing the waterfront. This commitment is evidenced by the construction of the first phase of development – Harbour Passage. Harbour Passage is a critical waterfront trail initiative that links the west-end to the downtown with a thematic and interpretive linear park. This link crosses the Fort La Tour property bringing a rare opportunity to enhance the cultural experience of the city to both tourists and residents.

In 2004, a Steering Committee had been struck from members of the Fort La Tour Development Authority to guide the study process at that time. Daniel K. Glenn Ltd., Landscape Architects and Park Planners lead the consultant team which included AMEC Earth and Environmental Ltd. and Commonwealth Historic Management Resources Limited. In 2014, the Fort La Tour Development Authority hired the Daniel K. Glenn firm to reassess the plans and provide design and costing for a modified plan at the site.

Place Fourt La Tour Render02

Project Elements

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