Project: Amenities & Landscaping

An off-site washroom and storage building is proposed next to the bus drop-off area.  This location respects the wishes of the Aboriginal peoples to have no such facilities on site.  This location will serve the Harbour Passage market as well.

Fort La Tour – Washrooms

A storage space will be necessary to house mechanical components of the wheelchair accessible washrooms, supplies for a retail gift cart and for changing into uniforms.

The observation deck or wharf is a perfect location to watch harbour activity including the ducks and seals that frolic in eddies by the cove.  Repairs to the crib work on the wharf are long overdue which has lead to some erosion.

Place Fourt La Tour Render08

Similar versions of the Harbour Passage site furnishings will be carried into the site for consistency.  Decorative custom light fixtures will be paced 30 m apart along the trail next to the cove.  The metal halide fixtures will spill enough light to provide a low-level illumination on these inner loops.  The fort itself will have concealed floodlights to accent the structure at night.  Benches and trashcans will also match the Harbour Passage furnishings.  All furnishings, including picnic tables will be anchored in place.


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