Project: Performance Venues

Visitors like to be entertained and they like their learning to be entertaining.  The master plan accommodates a number of potential venues for live performances.


Fort Courtyard

The flagstone courtyard of the fort has been designed as a place for performances, re-enactment and guided tours.  The courtyard will also be wired to house audio/visual equipment for the architectural projections

Place Fourt La Tour Render06

Theatrical Play

A play about Fort La Tour story has been partially written already.  Should a champion emerge to bring this initiative to fruition it could be a magical way of selling the story.  The production could be quite lavish and suitable for the Imperial Theatre or down scaled to suit a smaller venue on site.

Fort Exhibits

The trading post structures offer an opportunity for interpretation of period style interior furnishings and storytelling of the interactions that took place within the structures.  Actual programming and displays will be devised during the detail design process prior to going to construction to ensure the facilities match the program.  The facilities merely set the stage for the performance, as most storylines will evolve over time.

Place Fourt La Tour Render07

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