Project: Considerations – Protecting the Grounds

After the archaeological excavations of the mid 1950’s and 60’s a protective layer of soil was placed over the entire trading post complex, reinforcing the presence of the “mound”.  The Provincial Heritage Branch has responded to inquiries regarding the degree of sensitivity to disturbance which might be appropriate given the location of Aboriginal burial sites and the burial foundations.  The following conditions would have to be incorporated into any development scheme and outlined on any application to the department:

  • No alterations within 20m of Maritime Archeological Area items;
  • All new work/excavation will be monitored by the Province;
  • Exposing features through excavation, outside the sensitive zone, is not absolutely forbidden as long as conservation & stabilization measures ensure features will not be compromised by the elements;
  • Reconstruction may be considered away from the sensitive zone; and
  • Any Development Plan would have to demonstrate vandalism resistance and protection of any exposed items.

All proposed development is outside the buffer zone. Development over the mound or within the 20 m buffer zone from Maritime Archaic Burial sites has not been considered as appropriate given the sensitive nature of the material beneath the soil.

Protecting the Grounds

In order to demonstrate the actual location and scale of the fort complex an innovative approach has been recommended.  Small stone markers will be placed on the ground at the corners of each of the old fort structures to act as identifiers for mowing operations.  Grass will be cut around these formations leaving a meadow outline of the buildings. This subtle clue as to the size and orientation of the fort will allow visitors to use their imagination to fill in the detail.  Interpretive maps and brochures will provide illustrations, which can be reinforced by this grass footprint.  This will retain the spiritual nature of the mound as a sacred place.

Fort Building Footprints

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